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2021 - Diploma Advanced Colour Therapy

2019 - Advanced Supervision Skills (BPS Approved)

2018 - SDS Accreditation in clinical Supervision (BPS Approved)

2015 - BACP Accreditation

2013 - Making Connections - LSCB A Shared Responsibility Targeted

2011 - ITOL Certificate in Training & Occupational Learning

2010 - ITOL Foundation Certificate in Staff Development

2006 - Eating Disorder Diploma

2004 - Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

2002 - Counselling Theory

2001 - Counselling Skills

Continuing Professional Development

Parenting Teenagers with Suzie Hayman

Meditation as a Therapeutic Strategy with Dr William Bloom

Introduction to Colour Therapy

Diploma in Colour Therapy

Sexually Speaking with Karen Lloyd

Working With Depression with Gill Bannister

Addiction:  This Being Human with Ronnie Aaronson

Personality and the Different Types with Pete Holloway

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