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My Services

* I am now offering face to face sessions again although I am still offering appointments via Zoom, FaceTime, and by phone if required.  Please specify when booking.  Thank you!

  • Counselling is to help the client explore, understand their thoughts, feelings and what might be going on for them at that moment in time.

  • I provide the client a safe, non-judgmental space to explore their thoughts and feelings.

  • All that is spoken is confidential.

  • An eating disorder is a mental illness. Anyone can get an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a disturbance in a person’s every day eating habits whether they over eat or restrict.

  • I have worked with many people with eating disorders, there are many reasons as to why people develop this illness, it may be due to a loss, emotional issues, relationships, abuse, school life, or just life everyone is different with different issues.

  • I work with all different types of eating disorders Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating, Night eating plus more.

  • I do find that the client with an eating disorder has to be in the right place to engage within the process of recovering. As it is a long slow road to recovery.

  • I do work within the home for younger clients as I have found that they engage within the process better.

  • For more information please visit

  • I offer supervision to both trainees and qualified counsellors and psycho therapists.

  • Supervision is a contracted, professional relationship between counsellor and supervisor.

  • The supervisor provides a safe supportive place for the counsellor to explore issues that may have arisen, and for the counsellor to reflect on their counselling practise.

  • To increase the confidence of the counsellor, to help them to understand and raise their self-awareness within their counsellor/client relationship.

  • To be aware of self care which I feel is important to understand to be able to practise and work to your full potential.

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